About Dora Evans

Psychic Readings by Dora Evans


Dora Evans is a gifted Psychic with over 35 years of experience.

Whether you need help with finding direction or

understanding something from your past, Dora would love to

help you in any way that she can.


Dora Evans can help you with:


  • Your Past, Present, and Future

  • Important life decisions

  • If someone’s love for you is true

  • Marriage and divorce struggles

  • Healing broken friendships

  • Dealing with negative energy

  • Career and job decisions and changes

  • Cleansing your spirit

  • Anything that you may need help with


One Visit will change your life. Don’t be discouraged by others.

She can and will help you with all matters of life.


Call 863-214-4631 and receive a free answer to one question!